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(she/her), ThD, MSc, BEd

Life Coach, Educator and Facilitator


Life coaching truly is a transformative experience.

When I work with clients, the goal is to provide them with the tools and strategies they need to move forward in their lives.

I’m a life coach, as well as an educator and facilitator, with more than 30 years of education and experience working with individuals and organizations.

Martina Steiger

Whether you’re going through a transition in life, feeling stuck or out of balance, dealing with stress, or managing end-of-life care and decisions, I bring a high level of expertise and compassion to my work.


Listening...turning awareness into action...encouraging a reflective spirit...and coaching individuals to a place where they feel they have choices and can take ownership of those choices –– my collaborative and whole-person centered approach in a safe and non-judgmental space allows my clients to build resilience and draw on their own inner wisdom to create a different story for their live


Along with my work as a life coach, I offer workshops and seminars that focus on generating new perspectives and foster a sense of community. I also provide advance care coaching and facilitate end-of-life conversations.

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Courage has nothing to do with our determination to be great. It has to do with what we decide in that moment when we are called upon to be more.

- Rita Dove

Both nationally and internationally, I facilitate listening, writing and personal storytelling workshops as well as seminars on life transitions, innovative processes of self-care for health care providers and caregivers, stress and burnout prevention, which include various forms of relaxation and meditation.


My extensive education and training, including a Master of Science from Columbia University in New York, along with a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Arts and a Doctoral degree, have provided a solid foundation for making a real difference in the lives of the individuals and organizations I work with.  


In my work as instructor, both privately and in the Lifelong Learning Program at Wilfrid Laurier University, I offer courses that deal with the Third Act of Life, such as how death and dying teach us about living fully in “Death Matters,” or what aging consciously might entail in my course “From Age-ing to Sage-ing.”  I also facilitate reflective workshops that foster resilience and community for staff and volunteers at the Hospice of Waterloo Region.  

Youth and Young Adults also have occupied a special corner in my heart and work. I assist them to work through their many varied transitions through high school and into their careers that cause them anxieties and turmoil so they can find a more meaningful and calmer way forward.

I would love to assist you to live your life more fully.  Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page if you would like to schedule an appointment or reach out for more information about my services.

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