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My goal is to support individuals and organizations to create positive changes in
their lives by encouraging each person to recognize their choices while providing a
compassionate and caring approach to all of life’s challenges, obstacles, and


To accomplish this, I offer a myriad of services – from one-on-one coaching and
seminars to interactive and practical workshops and spiritual guidance.

By bringing a curious and reflective lens to the issues that arise, along with a whole-person centred approach that aligns mind, body and soul, I facilitate conversations that dig deeper, touch the core and assist my clients in improving their lives. 

Please read through the information below to see the various services I offer and to find out which one is the best fit for you.

Life Coaching

My one-to-one private coaching sessions offer practical tools and strategies designed to assist you to move forward in your life.  Whether you are going through a transition in life, feeling stuck or out of balance or stressed; or, you are managing end-of-life care and decisions; or you find yourself wrestling with questions of aging, death and dying, I bring a high level of expertise and compassion in working with you so you can come to a place where you feel you have choices and can take ownership of these choices.

My collaborative and whole-person centered approach – in a safe and non-judgmental space – allows you to draw on your own inner wisdom, develop healthy coping strategies and build resilience to create a different story for your life.  You determine the focus for each session, which may include work on life transitions, stress management, caregiving, family relationships, loss, grief, life review, legacy letters, ethical will and more.

All sessions are available in person, by phone or online (Zoom, Skype or FaceTime).

To book your life coaching appointment or to learn more about my approach, please contact us.

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Courses and Seminars

Are you ready to make some positive and sustainable changes in your life?  Are you dealing with a transition or feeling out of balance?  Or maybe you would like to some practical steps to writing a new chapter for your life?

My drop-in classes and structured seminars provide a place where you can focus on a number of different pathways for change.  Conversation, reflection, and guided instruction are at the heart of my small-group courses and seminars.  From discussing an article or a poem and engaging in brief writing exercises to conversations surrounding aging, death and illness, we explore a variety of topics designed to lead to greater understanding and wisdom.

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Life Coaching
Courses & Seminars


Recharge, refresh, renew and rewrite! My interactive and hands-on workshops deliver a unique experience for participants interested in discovering more about themselves, the stories of their lives, as well as learning to become better communicators, especially when it comes to tough conversations.

Topics, among others, include “My Story Matters:  Explore the power of telling your story,” “Re-story your Life,” “Book Study Circle,” “Getting Unstuck and Unstressed,”and “Kintsugi Bowl:  The Art of Embracing Imperfections.”

Click on the link below to read in-depth workshop descriptions and to register for an upcoming session.

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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

- Marcel Proust


End-of-life / Advance Care Coaching​

Whether you are seeking information and support regarding serious illness or end-of-life decisions, or if you are looking for ways to engage in challenging conversations with family members and others related to advance care choices or Substitute Decision Makers (SDM).  Or, even if you are not yet sure where to get started with Advance Care planning – this coaching is for you.  When you, or a person you care about, wishes to explore end-of-life questions and concerns, regardless of age, I will offer attentive and caring listening so that you may arrive at clear insights and choices that move you to the appropriate action.  You may also avail yourself of the opportunity to have me facilitate crucial conversations with you and/or your family members on any subject related to advance care planning, Substitute Decision Makers (SDM), ethical wills and more.


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Spiritual Direction​


Spiritual Direction or Spiritual Companioning is a process of nurturing a deeper relationship with Spirit and the universe in which we live and is available to individuals and groups of diverse backgrounds.

In a safe, welcoming, and supportive space, I provide contemplative conversation and co-listening that allow the sacred stories of everyday life to emerge.  As each person’s spiritual journey is unique, I offer a variety of practices that best facilitate personal growth and transformation through a more intimate relationship with the divine.  Honouring our own mortality, our grief and losses experienced through transitions in our lives – which often run as undercurrents to current circumstances – deeply informs my approach to spiritual companioning. 

While I am available to anyone who would like to explore whether I would serve as a suitable spiritual companion for them, I offer two particular areas of expertise: 


I am deeply committed to companioning individuals on their journey through chronic illness, grief and loss, end-of-life, death and dying, and to caregivers of those individuals.  My studies in Narrative Medicine, my husband’s sudden and unexpected death, my own parents’ aging process into their nineties, along with my experiences as a Spiritual Care Facilitator with the Hospice of Waterloo Region, have prepared me well to walk with you.  Awareness of how our fragile and precious mortality shapes our life resides at the core of my approach to Spiritual Companioning. 

I am also deeply committed to providing a safe space for young adults to explore their own identity in the context of meaning creation, identity, social justice, and the environment.


Spiritual Directon

End-of-Life Conversations

I serve as a Spiritual Care Facilitator for the Hospice of Waterloo Region.  My work seeks to support and nourish participants in their valuable and demanding service in palliative and hospice care.  Professional staff, volunteers and members of the community come together in a broad spectrum of workshops and events – such as Story Circle, Compassionate Caring Book Studies, Film Series, Book Talks and Wellness workshops–on topics related to courage and resilience, end-of-life, death and dying, grief and mourning.

Through close reading, deep listening, inspired conversation and facilitated writing, participants create a vibrant and caring community that fosters awareness and insight into their own understanding and perceptions. Participants are encouraged to consider how these perceptions may change the way care, including self-care, is given, and received.  I aspire to bring a curious and contemplative lens to the conversation to encourage the unfolding of reflections, choices, and actions available to each one of us.

If you are interested in learning more about hospice in general or the Hospice of Waterloo Region or you would like to participate in any of the programming offered through Hospice, I invite you to contact me at by filling out the Contact Form or reaching out to Hospice directly by visiting their website at:

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Spiritual Care
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