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GUS Exercise: Place of Peace

Group 2, Exercise 9


“As opposed to just talking about the things I worry about and can’t seem to get straight in my head, GUS techniques take a different approach–involving my whole body and being–to organize my life.”

~ Juliette DeVries, student, Ontario

The integrative GUS program provides you with effective tools designed to transform stressors and life challenges into opportunities for you to heal, transform and re-story your life in new and creative ways.

While the 18 activities available here make up the practical portion of the integrative GUS program–and we would recommend you sign up for the online GUS program to benefit from the immersive experience–they offer valuable tools in and by themselves. Each activity has been researched and proven successful to assist you in coping with the stresses in your life.
The activities build on one another, following a natural progression. We recommend you complete the exercises in Group I to increase your awareness, breathing, balancing and energizing before you move on to Group II. The activities in this group expand and deepen your prior learning by offering you further relaxation tools, ways to get unstuck and guided meditations.


Each activity is preceded by an introduction to provide a context and concludes with follow-up suggestions. They are recorded individually for your convenience. 

GUS Exercise: Brilliant Star

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  • This download consists of a ZIP file containing individual mp3 audio files. You may require a computer to open the container file.

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